Showing Tips

Is Your Home the Shiniest Apple in the Barrel?

When you are competing with other homes for the attention of prospective buyers, you want your property to be the “shiniest apple in the barrel”. No visible bruises or bumps, easy to see it is the best pick!

These tips will help your home look its best every time it is shown.


  • Lawn – neatly mowed, raked, edged
  • Trees/Shrubs/Flowers – pruned and shaped, color always adds appeal
  • Sidewalks/Driveways/Patios and Porches – Sweep, repair cracks
  • Painting – Re-paint or touch up as necessary.
  • Doors/Windows – Clean and paint doors if necessary, wash all windows, replace broken or cracked window panes. Check that locks are working properly. Lubricate squeaky hinges or storm windows
  • Roofs/ gutters/downspouts – no loose or missing shingles, clean gutters and downspouts, repair any loose brackets

Don’t let the outside turn buyers off before the inside turns them on!

  • Colors – Wall and carpet colors should be neutral if possible
  • Lighting – Natural light is great! Add lamps, wattage where needed
  • Floors – Clean carpeting, polish tile, wood or linoleum floors
  • Closets – Organize to demonstrate efficient use of space
  • Fireplace – Clean and sweep
  • Kitchen – Avoid clutter. Clear countertops, clean and organize
  • Basement/Attic – Clean and organize. Stairs should be cleared, well lit and have secure handrail
  • Garage – Organize tools, garden equipment, bicycles

Remember – Less is More

If you're looking to purchase or sell a home – or simply have questions about the process – feel free to contact one of our real estate professionals. We're here to do anything we can to help you reach your dreams – just as you've helped us reach ours.