Importance of Pre-Approval

How Do We Pay for This?

In today’s market, your strength as a Buyer is greatly enhanced when you have taken time BEFORE you begin house‐hunting to choose a lender and arrange for a financing pre‐approval.

Being pre‐approved will:

  • Establish a price range for your property search
  • Help Your Realtor identifying properties in your range
  • Strengthen your negotiating position with sellers
  • Give you an “edge” when competing with other buyers
  • Accelerate the process from Accepted Offer to Closing

Which Lender is the “Right” Lender?

When considering a Lender, ask questions about the services they offer, the cost of those services, the types of loan programs they specialize in, their communication method. A Lender should fill the role of a trusted advisor, readily available to questions and guide you through the process from pre‐approval to Closing.

If you're looking to purchase or sell a home – or simply have questions about the process – feel free to contact one of our real estate professionals. We're here to do anything we can to help you reach your dreams – just as you've helped us reach ours.